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We’ve assembled an all-star roster of artists and 2GTHR is the only place you can watch them play in HD Video & Audio, then meet them face-to-face onscreen!

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Some of our amazing 2GTHR artists

Ariel Posen

Greg Koch

Matt Schofield

Art Menezes

Mark Lettieri

Scott Sharrard

Kirk Fletcher

Greg Martin

JD Simo

Danielle Nicole

Molly Miller

Josh Smith

Yvette Young

Angela Petrilli

Charlie Starr

David Grissom

Guthrie Trapp

Gretchen Menn

Audley Freed

Philip Sayce

Guy King

Nili Brosh

Justin Derrico

“I feel right at home. I am SO glad I found this platform. Thank you!”
“Charlie, it made my dream come true to speak with you!”